Traveling Thoughts

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” I think while shaking my head

On the plane

Probably looking a bit like a crazy person.

But maybe I am a crazy person as today’s the day I drop everything and leave to a new country for the first time. It’s the first time I’ve even left the time zone.

At the halfway point in my journey in California, I can’t help but think about how crazy what I’m doing actually is and how I’ve sort of been blocking the idea from my mind for a while.

“I’ll be studying abroad in Japan,” I always said but never really could quite believe it.

But now it’s hitting me.

Like how I’ve realized I’ll be using my Japanese instead of just learning it and all those hours doing my kanji reviews everyday for over a year now will actually be worth it.

Or how I’ll be away from all my friends and family without a proper way to talk to them.

Or how I’ll be living with a host family and all the food I love to eat will be hard, if not impossible, to come by.

Or how my night and day will be completely switched and I’ll probably be really confused for a really long time.

Or how my upcoming flight in an hour is about 12 hours long and I probably won’t be tired until I arrive.

Everything’s about to change a lot, but I’m a firm believer that change is not always a bad thing.

To be honest, I’m extremely scared to go, but I also think that in the long run, I’ll be able to learn more about myself, even if I cry a little bit.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey! ^-^


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