Campus Life and Classes

Similar to the first week of freshman classes at college, a place far from home and full of people and places unfamiliar, starting my classes in a foreign country 13 hours ahead of both my home and college has been both very exciting and tiring.

I come from a school of about 2,000 students and now I attend a school of 12,000 students.

The campus convenience store, McDonalds, and even all three cafeterias are packed to the brim with students buying and eating lunch for their hour lunch break with even more sitting on the outdoor stage eating their homemade bentos.

Sitting alone in the lounge will surely attract Japanese students who want to practice their English with a native speaker, even if you want to practice your Japanese with them.

The library is the perfect place to escape when the campus becomes too lively or when you need to get some homework or outside study done.

I come from a school where my classes are small, from 5 to 15 people per class, and now I attend a school where classes hold 35+ students.

Even with larger classes, the class subjects range from Japanese literature and religion to monsters and ceramics, keeping the interest even in hour and a half lectures.

The workload is lighter than that of my home college, giving me plenty of time for travel and my own personal Japanese study.

I’m taking the most difficult but rewarding Japanese class I have ever taken, skipping from level 4 where I left off with my college classes to level 7 after a summer of intense studying.

Overall, the livelihood of campus and classes keeps me busy even when I think I should have some free time. Not to say that’s a bad thing though as I’m experiencing Japan during the time that I have to the fullest, leaving no regrets.

I look forward to the rest of my semester here, with more friends to make, more monsters to learn about, and more Japanese to speak.



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