Fall Festival, Korea Town and Movie Theaters

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Today I headed into Osaka for a field trip for Minorities in Japan class to the 秋祭り (aki matsuri/fall festival) and also to Korea Town. During the field trip we walked through areas where Korean populations used to live and to a shrine that used to be by a river until the river was moved to the other side of Korea town.

Once we got to Korea town we were met with the Danjiri for the festival. The people in the Danjiri even invited our group to participate in pulling it. This festival, as my professor says, is well known for being open to anyone participating.

Once we broke off from the group to get food and explore a little bit, I met up with my roommate and my friend Shiori and did a little bit of shopping in Korea Town. We visited a cosmetics store (where everything looks like it’s really good quality. I’m going to have to go back and grab something for myself), a mini Korean grocery store and a couple of Kpop stores since my roommate very much loves Kpop and is in the process of making me love them as well.

I picked up a couple of CDs and laughed at the kinds of things they sold (like the edited pictures of Kpop member’s faces on masks). Overall everything was fairly cheap, so when I have more time and more money on me I definitely want to do a little bit of shopping.

After shopping my roommate and I said bye to Shiori as she was headed to have dinner with her mother. My roommate, meanwhile, decided we wanted to finally see 君の名は (Kimi no Na wa/Your Name), as most our Japanese friends have recommended it. It’s also been in theaters since August and now, mid-October, still have four showings a day that filled up at least half the theater in our showing.

I’ve seen a movie in Japanese theaters before so I wasn’t worried about my ability to understand it at all. By the end of the movie both my roommate and I were it tears but also questioning the story, which, despite being absolutely amazing, required a little bit of thinking to fully comprehend. Which, now that I think about it, would explain why lots of my friends have seen it two or three times already.

Overall, I felt like I learned and experienced a lot today that I couldn’t have otherwise if I hadn’t participated in the field trip. I definitely want to go back to Korea town in the future.


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