Fushimi Inari and Kyoto Imperial Palace

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Today I went with a friend to Fushimi Inari, a shrine located on a mountain dedicated to the god of worldly success, Inari Okami. Lots of businesses buy torii gates with their business written on the back of the gate for the success of their company. Inari takes the form of a fox, which is why images and statues of foxes are very often seen here.

Afterwords, we went to the Kyoto Imperial Palace, where the Emperors of Japan resided until the move of the capital from Kyoto to Tokyo in 1869. The building itself was quite large with many gates and a large assembly area. There were also two Japanese gardens where some cats were residing.

The final few pictures are of the Yodogawa river outside the Demachiyanagi station, where people gather to relax, play music and hop over the rocks.


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